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  • Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

    The understanding of how footwear works with the human body for different movements or even how footwear is innovated to be lighter and more economical.

    Majority of students fall behind in classes that fall under the STEM fields for various reasons like short attention span, lack of resources, or simply the challenge.

  • Design

    Students will play the roles of designers and bring the product to life with their amazing storytelling abilities.

    This experience allows students to become creative, but then understand the reality of constraints using decision making principles.

  • Communication, Marketing

    There is always concern as to how to really bring a product to life. In the footwear industry, brands have been extremely creative with marketing their products.

    This part of the program allows students to see how a shoes become more than something you wear; but then what now is considered the sneaker culture.

Students graduate from our program after going through 3 units, lasting on average 8-12 weeks.

  • 1

    icon-arts-small History of footwear in its context to sports, music, and fashion

    icon-technology-small Current state of the Sneaker culture

    icon-arts-small Anatomy and physiology

    icon-arts-small Color theory

  • 2

    icon-science-small Manufacturing principles and materials

    icon-arts-small 2D sketching

    icon-math-small Socioeconomic effects of sneaker culture

    icon-technology-small Advertising and marketing principles

    icon-technology-small Tracking consumer trends

  • 3

    icon-arts-small 3D modeling

    icon-engineering-small Technology of footwear

    icon-technology-small Brand strategy

    icon-technology-small Applying design to benefit community