State of The Culture Discussion Reflection

On September 1, 2016 at NYU’s Kimball Hall, we hosted their first-ever State of the Culture panel discussion to explore the dynamics of the ever-growing sneaker ecosystem.


The panel discussion was moderated by pioneer Bobbito Garcia, who authored the first-ever article, book, and television series on sneaker culture. Bob provided the necessary historical perspective for the mostly millennial audience and guided the panel skillfully throughout the night.


Panelists included Mellany Sanchez, creative director, stylist, and NYU graduate; Jon Lopez, photographer; Extra Butter cofounder Jason Faustino; and Matthew Ting, Brand Manager for adidas in New York City. The panelists discussed various topics varying from NYC’s impact within the current global landscape to how we can further use footwear as a tool in youth education. These conversations brought forth authentic dialogue between people who typically may not have interaction.


The State of the Culture audience left with an insider’s view on the sneaker industry, but people want to know more. We will continue to develop a platform where students, creators, and brands will be able to communicate purposefully and build collaborative projects. See the full discussion below and all photos from the event on our Facebook page.